Duality Service

Duality Service

40.00 every month

Coffee is your everyday staple. It's the first thing you need in the morning, and keeps you going all day long!


This plan really suits two to four moderate coffee drinkers. Every other week you will receive two bags of contrasting coffees to sip and enjoy.

There are so many factors that contribute to how each of our coffees taste. Everything from where it is grown, to what methods are used to process the cherries, and how we roast each different coffee plays a large part in the finished product that you get to enjoy.

Being able to compare and contrast between two different coffees can help you to refine your own pallet and really appreciate where each coffee comes from.

We work hard to create a roast profile for each coffee that best represents the hard work that the farmers out into growing their beans. Tasting the differences between coffees is something that should be enjoyed and celebrated!   

You will receive four twelve ounce bags of coffee per month that are customized to your taste preferences. The first month is charged at checkout, and each month after that will be invoiced directly to you via paypal. You may stop our services at any tim.