OverTime - Single Origin Robusta

OverTime - Single Origin Robusta


Need Some Pep In Your Step?

OverTime is a Single Origin Robusta coffee from the village of Karaba, Rwanda. If you are always looking for an extra pick-me-up in your day this coffee is for you! This coffee has about twice the normal caffeine content than our other coffees, and for good reason too! 

Dark Roast

Tastes Like:

Taro Fruit

Bittersweet Chocolate



Fair Trade Coffee

Variety: FW Robusta

Processing Method:  Washed

Elevation Grown: 1600 Meters

Net Weight 13oz

Grind Size:
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Robusta varieties are generally regarded as low grade, or commodity coffees. the kind of beans you will find on the bottom shelf of your grocery store. They are grown for quantity over quality in most regions. Unlike arabica shrubs, the Robusta shrubs thrives in a low altitude environment and also can produce a larger crop with each harvest season. Quality usually suffers because they farmed on very large scales, and generally produce a bitter or rubber like taste. Robusta coffee also has about 265mg of caffeine per eight ounce cup, compared to 130mg in a eight ounce cup of arabica coffee


Enter the Karaba washing station. At 1600 meters above sea level their robusta shrubs are grown at high altitude and hand picked just like all of our other coffees. They do a fantastic job at growing robusta beans, and we are so proud to offer it in order to broaden people’s understanding of coffees.


OverTime is a dark roast with smokey and savory flavors. It is definitely not floral or bright like arabica coffees tend to be. Expect to taste things like bittersweet chocolate, raisins, and taro fruit. It pairs great with something sweet like a cinnamon bun or doughnut.