Oh My! Myanmar - Medium Roast

Oh My! Myanmar - Medium Roast


The peacock is one Myanmar’s national symbols and national animals. It has been used as the symbol of the Konbaung and Burmese monarch and was used in currency and state and dynasty flags.

In ancient roman times the peacock was synonymous with eternal life. Because it sheds its feathers every year and grows newer and brighter ones. It has been historically linked with renewal, rebirth and resurrection. 

Ironically enough, you can find a brightly painted peacock mural on the side of the roastery in Gasoline Alley. 

Bright and colorful are the perfect descriptors of this coffee. With notes of cantaloupe, pears and green grapes, this coffee was grown in the Southern Shan State of Myanmar on 1-3 acres of land. Compiled from 20 small villages and taken to a wet mill in Pyin Oo Lwin that is designed for processing specialty coffee.

Varietal:  Catuai, S795, Caturra and Typica

Elevation: 1100-1500 Meters

Processing Method: Fully Washed

Fair Trade Coffee

Tasting Notes:

Pear, green grape, canteloupe

A Medium Roast

Net Weight 12oz 

Grind Size:
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